Weekend Football Prediction: All you need to know

All over the world, the weekend is filled with different football matches. The number of football matches available on weekends sometimes makes it challenging to predict football matches correctly. Making the right Weekend Football Prediction requires paying strict attention to quite a several things. It is quite profitable to make football predictions on weekends and gain maximum profit if things are done right. casino-portugues.org can help you make accurate football predictions on weekends. These predictions will help you with your bettings. However, before we go further, there are different things we need to know about football prediction on weekends.

The basic requirements

Making football predictions on weekends can sometimes be tricky, but following the list of requirements that will be outlined in this article will help you know the right teams to make predictions on during weekends.


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  • Focus on teams you are familiar with: A lot of tipsters make the mistake of predicting leagues and teams they have little or no knowledge about because of the number of games available on weekends. To be a good tipster with a reliable track record of weekend football prediction, you need to focus on the teams you are familiar with. This will give you a better understanding of what to predict and what to focus on.
  • Ignore the common predictions: Most tipsters are fond of making their predictions based on the common betting options available on each bookmaker’s website. A good tipster that wants to make football predictions on weekends should focus more on other options other than the common ones. Some of the common options to avoid are home/away win, home win or draw, away win or draw, and the over options. Instead, consider options like three goals in arrow by a single team, corner to come at a particular time interval, and so on.
  • Wait for team news: Another option to consider when making football predictions on weekends is team news. Most teams don’t make available news about their teams until few hours to the start of the match. To be a good tipster, you need to wait up for team news patiently. This will help with your research as it will provide you with information like team injuries, weather situations, and the level of preparedness of the players as well as the team psychology in the match build-up.

 Weekend Football Prediction


  • Focus on small wins: As a tipster and a smart punter, there is the need to understand that the number of matches available on weekends is not an indication that you must win big. A good punter should know that there will be days to win big and there will be days to win small. It is essential to stick to small odds as compared to the big odds.
  • Pick a small number of games: Another thing that can help a punter with prediction during weekends is accumulating a small number of games. In accumulating your games on weekends, you can focus on just selecting 2-3 games that you are sure of instead of picking too many matches, thereby reducing your research strength.

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