How to Bet on Craps


Compared to other casino games craps is relatively complex, often an intimidating effect on new players. While the actual act of dice is of course remarkably simple, it’s the betting that causes a lot of confusion. However, there are ways to jump first Craps awkwardness by learning a few basic rules and with a little practice in an online casino takes into cold water to a land-based casino to avoid.

There are a large number of bets in this game possible and there is no better way to get used to them, play craps online as. This allows you to basic craps bets and get used to the pace of the game on your own time, and not set the feel of your fellow players under pressure.

As soon as it sounds, the basic rules of the game that are lighter than many of your teammates is to understand, it’s time to get yourself a craps strategy. Craps is one of the few casino games that actually realized almost waterproof strategies, especially when it comes to minimize the house edge. Check out our dedicated craps strategy section to connect the ranks of the true craps sharks.
Craps Glossary

Mist – order on the first throw dice 2, 3 or 12 enclosure.
Do not Pass – order against the shooter, who often live as a misfortune.
Hard Way – A still from the same nummber 2 dice, such as the hard eight is 4-4.
Pass – To bet with the shooter.
Snake Eyes – To roll 1-1 (total of 2).
Shooter – Players roll.