Double Zero Roulette Game


Roulette is said to have been in France since the 17th century. The original wheel was different about a roulette wheel in the fact that it would see zero slots today. The zeros introduced when the game made the move in the casinos, the casino is using an advantage. The game remained in France for a large number of years; However Roulette finally its way into the US at the end of the 19th century. Casino owners decided in the United States to introduce a second zero, by way of contribution higher revenues for the house – double zero roulette is has since appeared. Double zero roulette is also known as American Roulette.

The Double Zero Roulette Wheel

There are 38 slots on this wheel, with two zeros next to each number from 1 to 36. The zeros are the numbers so that they can be differentiated in a position between the two 0 and 00. Both zeros are green and the other numbers are black and red switch between being.

Where to play Double Zero Roulette

You will find a large number of real casinos with double zero wheels, particularly in the United States. The greater house edge on these games make these roles very popular with casino owners and in many cases, lower stakes games only double zero wheels are offered.

If you play online, you will find a large number of casinos that have both American and European wheels found – American Roulette with the double zero variety.

Double Zero Roulette Bets

Here you will find a wide selection of betting options when playing double zero roulette to find. When playing roulette, you will find that the betting range is “outside” divided on the “inside” and the groups of numbers on the two sections, with each number.

Inside bets

Straight – Find your chip / s to be placed on a single number. If you take that exact number you 35x to win your bet.
Split – A split is a bet on two adjacent numbers. The numbers may be adjacent either horizontally or vertically. Here you will find the chip / s placed on the line between the two numbers and win 17x your bet should hit it.
Street – This is a bet on three numbers together in a horizontal line and you will be the chip / s to be placed on the edge of the line a number at the end of the line. You will win 11x your bet.
Corner – This is a bet on four numbers that form a square on the betting area. You will put your chip / s on the intersection of four numbers. You will win 9x your bet on success.
Top Line – This is a bet that covers the top line of the betting area and contains 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. If hit, you will win 6 times your bet.

Outside Bets

Red or Black – Place your bets on whether the ball to land in either red or black. This is the most popular bet in roulette and all double your money if you win.
Odd or Even – bet Another even more money – if the ball in either zero, you will lose your bet.
1/18 or 19/36 – Here you will find on the lower or higher number group bets are paid back at even money.
Dozen Bets – Here you can find from whether the ball between 1 and 12, 13 and 24 or 25 and 36. If successful, you will win 2x your bet, you bet.
Column Bets – Similar to the dozens bet on a group of twelve numbers you bet and win 2x your bet. The difference is that you are betting on the set of numbers in a column on the betting area.

House Edge

The casino has a 5.26% edge when playing this version of the game. This does not compare favorably with other versions of the game, European Roulette as an example with a margin of only 2.70% in the casino’s favor issued. As such, we would play roulette at European wheel recommend when. The choice of the two games
Rules variations

In some cases you will be available to find a variation of the “La Partage” rule when playing double zero roulette. This is particularly the case when playing in Atlantic City and the tables in Las Vegas. This rule applies if the ball lands on a zero-slots and leads players get back half of their shares. As a result, the house edge of 5.26% to 2.63%, which actually gives the house a bottom edge above the European game changes – this is an instance where we recommend double-zero roulette.