Blackjack Card Counting Strategy


The absolute best way to win at blackjack is to count cards. The phrase “counting cards” has some secret behind it, but the concept counting cards is actually quite simple – it’s to keep track of which cards from the deck that you value can been played, what chance you have of getting the tickets you need to beat the dealer.

There are quite a few ways to count cards, and majority of them do not really include the tracking of each card in the deck that might not be most people do, especially when the game includes several decks. Instead, card counting systems such as Hi-Lo and Ass tracking work by tracking the average high and low cards so that you have a general idea of how to leave many high cards so that you know how likely you are to what you must be given.

Most of card counting on these pages are variations on this general topic.
Understanding Blackjack Card Counting Systems

Here are some common terms and concepts from popular blackjack card counting strategy systems.

The level of a card counting strategy refers to the specified map to the number of values. The simplest systems are Level One, which assign each card only one level of the values (1 or – 1). More complex systems have two levels (+1, +2, -1, -2) or more. Each additional level makes the system exactly, but it also makes it more and more difficult to use.

Number of pages
A page number is an additional number kept on the overall score. The best known example of a page number is keeping track of the number of aces that were used. Card counting systems with a blackjack pages are more accurate, but also more difficult to use.

Running Count
The running count is the total number of points that a particular card system includes a deck, before treated. After each hand, this total is updated. The current count is an essential part of blackjack card counting strategies.

True Count
The true number by dividing the running count of the number of decks remaining in the shoe calculated. This value is useful when games that can be handled by multiple decks, because it causes, as the players should respond to the Count.
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From here, you can read more about how to learn to count cards in blackjack by reading through the Card Counting 101 Guide. The rest of the pages in this section go into detail on how to use the most popular and effective card counting systems out there.

In general, these systems are very similar, keep with one working as a variation of the same theme of which cards have been played. The main counting systems that are not covered in this manual: Red Seven, Renzey KISS, Revere Point Count, Canfield Expert, Silver Fox, Basic and Advanced Level 3 and Omega-systems such as Wong Halves, Halves with aces and the Uston Advanced Count.